I don't always have the confidence to speak. When I sit in bed and write there are no eyes on me; it's me myself and my words. As I'm writing I'm not stopping and stuttering in fear, I feel no pressure or obligation to necessarily say the right thing, but I feel that I have the power to say what's in my heart. When I'm writing I'm not really thinking about my tone or approach, I want my words to be left open for interpretation. When I'm writing I'm not too focused on what I look like or miss pronouncing words. When I'm writing I feel safe, I feel connected, I feel authentic. I'm not writing to please, I'm writing to ease. Somethings I write and never share, so writing this book is a big deal for me and it's a little scary, but no matter what I know in my heart that this is an open journal, it's not a book with a straight storyline.