journaling is one of the most therapeutic ways to heal, release and grow. Every month there will be a new topic  to think about and reflect on. 


how are you going to redirect your energy and shift your focus ?

In my various experiences of pain and stress, I felt nothing but exhaustion. My mind became a stagnant machine that was running on other peoples time and expectations. My parents have always raised me to understand that the world doesn't revolve around me. Although it's very true, I unintentionally did not prioritize myself in other aspects of my life. Being soft hearted and selfless can also result in being gullible and being taken advantage of. There comes a time where people reach their limit, humans can only take so much of something. Instead of burning out, I decided to adjust my focus and redirect my energy. I realized all the energy I put into trying to make everyone around me happy became more like a task, especially when those people didn't care to ask about my well being. I shifted my focus onto my body, mind and spirit. I took that energy and recycled it so it could become a new source of self care, I started to prioritize my needs, my aspirations, and health; especially mental health. When you shift your focus and redirect your energy onto things that will help you as well as help your loved ones, it's a breath of absolute fresh air. There is harmony and balance when you love big but respect your boundaries and protect your inner light. Relieving yourself from those pressures will change your whole outlook on life. It's okay to have a big heart, but remember that you should also reap what your heart sews for others, for yourself.