I'm a 20 year old creative originally from Douala, Cameroon but I was raised in Minnesota. I've been a dancer since diapers, I'm a complete music junkie, writer, mood board maker, fashion lover, flower enthusiast ( even though they die so quick under my care ), and fitness freak. NOTE2 U, is my first major creative project and I put so much love into this book. At first I didn't really want to call it a book; I wanted to call it an "open journal". I started writing this book in the notes of my phone summer 2019. At the time I was working two jobs in the city with the bus as my transportation and cityscapes as my constant view. This book was my escape from some harsh realities I was facing. Whenever I felt stuck or like I had no one to talk to, I'd just write about anything. If I passed by a garden that I thought was beautiful, I'd write about that garden and the emotions I felt from seeing the army of flowers and portrayal of colors. I love creativity and the magic that comes along with it. I took apart my inner psyche and put it into words. I truly hope you receive my notes in this book and they do something for you. I hope to continue to create more than just words, but visuals, movements etc. Thank you for visiting my website, have fun and take care of yourself. 

Love Always,